WIND AUDIT specializes in providing independent analysis and technical inspections for wind energy. We have our own early warning system for damage to key components of the wind turbine system based on the diagnosis of vibration and temperature - CMS (Condition Monitoring System). In addition, our offer includes prediction of failures and technical training.

Our team consists of experts in wind power engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, IT and machine learning. Thanks to many years of experience and professional skills, we guarantee the highest quality of the projects entrusted to us.


Early detection of wind turbine damage can be planned and acted on, avoiding the major failures and costly downtime. An independent technical audit enables to obtain complete and reliable information on the current technical state of the wind turbine. A transparent inspection report with attached photographic documentation, with a commentary and recommendation on further action, is a valuable piece of information for both the wind turbine owner and the service provider.

Our Services

Technical inspection of wind turbine

The most commonly used form of inspection is the visual inspection of all elements of the wind turbine from the foundation, through the tower, necelle, rotor and blades. Pressure measurements in hydraulic systems and transformer inspection are also performed. The result of the inspection is a photographic documentation, a thorough description of the faults detected, and a recommendation for further actions to perform.

Gearbox inspection

The inspection is carried out through a professional endoscopic camera. In this way, the most important gear elements, bearings low, medium and high speed shaft bearing, and also rotating planetary gear are checked. Wind turbine gearing, as an element exposed to extreme overloads, requires careful, periodic and proactive control.

Oil analysis

The oil sample we take is sent to a certified laboratory to verify the presence of undesired particles such as metallic particles due to wear and abrasion. Viscosity, density and oil consumption are controlled. With regular analysis, it is possible to monitor changes in oil composition.

Blades inspection and repair

Detailed inspection of wind turbine blades is perform from rope access. During inspection the blade is subjected to a thorough verify in order to find any type of defects. Inspections can also be carried out by drone, visually from ground level, or using a rope platform. This inspection provides complete information of the technical condition of the wind turbine blades, on the basis of which we perform comprehensive repairs.

Thermographic camera inspection

A thermographic camera works not only for the inspection of electrical systems. It is also a useful tool for thermal analysis of rotating parts exposed to heavy overload and high temperatures.

Inspection of service lift and hoist

Periodic inspection of lifting equipment is a requirement of the Authorities. We prepare a service lift, a hoist, as well as pressure accumulator for successful inspection by the inspector of the Technical Inspection Office (eg. polish UDT).

Power curve analysis

The shape of the power curve is information about the productivity of the wind turbine. Comparison of actual values to manufacturer-guaranteed values often shows discrepancies. The reasons can be very different, and the reason for the difference from the guaranteed value need to be thoroughly analyzed. The power curve analysis combined with the wind turbine technical inspection provides full information on current technical condition.

Inspection of MV switchgear

The medium voltage switchgear in the wind turbine should be periodically inspected according to the manufacturer's rules and recommendations. Exemplary control actions include: SF6 gas chamber tightness check, state control and head torque testing, protection tests, and more.

End of warranty inspection (EOW)

The end of the warranty period provided by the wind turbine manufacturer is a time of intensified technical analysis. It is then a good idea to carry out a complete wind turbine review, visual inspection with power curve analysis, gear inspection, oil analysis, blade inspection and MV switchboard overview. The end-of-warranty inspection package is a source of comprehensive and reliable information of the current technical condition of the wind turbine.


Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is a solution for diagnosing critical faults of wind turbine drive train system (main shaft, gearbox, generator) in the early phase. Integrated vibration and temperature sensors located in eight measuring points continuously perform the measurement, and the data provided are indicative of the current level and possible overload. The system operates autonomously, independent from the turbine manufacturer's controller, so it can be successfully installed on any type of wind turbine.



Characteristics consumptionNacelle Schematic- Sensor placed in eight measuring points


Unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns due to wind turbine component’s failure cause significant production stoppage and thus loss of revenue. In order to minimize costly downtime, it is highly important to manage maintenance and organize work before the failure occurs. By continually wind turbines monitoring, faults can be detected in the initial phase and maintenance actions are planned in a timely manner, avoiding failure and stopping the turbine. Wind turbine failure prediction by machine learning is an innovative way to achieve real benefits in the form of cost reduction (minimizing downtime, maximizing production). We provide a comprehensive analysis of SCADA data using advanced 24/7 machine learning algorithms, so we have the ability to predict an upcoming failure that you will know immediately.



Ongoing projects

Diagnostics of vibration of industrial drive trains, rotary components, gear box units, shafts, bearings, fans and others. By analyzing the patterns and amplitudes of vibrational noise at certain frequencies, we develop rules and algorithms for diagnosing machine problems. Experienced in wind energy we meet the diagnostic requirements of maintenance services of other industries. With our mobile vibration measurement system we offer a comprehensive vibration analysis service for critical components.

Informational WWW portal with news from the world of wind energy and related fields. New technologies, latest industry information, job offers and more. WIATRAKI.NET will also be released in the paper edition as a quarterly. Also available for mobile devices. Wiatraki = Windmills.

Forecasting wind power energy generation from wind turbines. Meteorological data is not everything. Based on advanced algorithms, we provide a forecast for the wind energy industry. Production forecasting can also be used by Distribution System Operator (DSO) to manage energy distribution, where predictability of production and consumption of energy plays a key role.

A department set up to improve existing products, adding new features and develop new projects which are ultimately responsible for reducing maintenance costs in wind energy and other industries. Development of projects for Industry 4.0. Development of innovative solutions and concepts of future technologies.


Technical training of wind turbines Vestas and Gamesa

The training is aimed at owners, managers of wind farms and those involved in maintenance of wind turbines

Detailed scope (PDF)

Upcoming training: Warsaw, 20-21 August 2019