Forecasting energy production from each type of installation and full reporting to appropriate units.

We provide a full generation forecasting service as part of the generators’ obligation to exchange data for the purposes of planning and managing the operation of the National Power System (NPS) on the basis of the European Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 of August 2, 2017.

The document specifies the requirements for cooperation between transmission system operators (TSO), distribution system operators (DSO) and the so-called “Significant Grid User” (SGU – Significant Grid User) whose activity has an impact on the operation of the NPS. It is so-called SOGL (System Operation Guidelines).
The SGU group includes users with type B, C and D generating units, which include all energy generating modules (MWE), the value of the installed power of the electricity generating source is greater than or equal to 0.2 MW. In practice, this means the necessity to send information about the daily generation forecast to the operator, taking into account own needs and planned downtimes.

We have a system that, with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms, sends information about the forecasted electricity production based on dynamic meteorological models in the area of ​​all DSOs and TSOs.

We also provide advanced energy production dedicated to commercial balancing demands which is forecast updated every 1 hour (or often). Such services are crucial to secure energy trading requirements and keep the energy production forecast with the highest accurate quality.

Moreover, we provide long-term production plans for wind farms – budgeted generation volume at the development stage (OPEX) for any location in Europe.

Map showing a location of objects under our SOGL energy forecast services.

Comparison of energy forecasted to energy produced of example connection point.

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