SKiiPak Tester

Specialized measuring device designed to test SEMIKRON IGBT SkiiP2 and SkiiP3 modules used as converter components in many types of wind turbines.

The device is equipped with a set of 1m test leads that enable testing of modules with different communication interfaces: IDC14, IDC26, D-SUB15 and D-SUB25.

The tester allows you to measure IGBT modules without removing them from the turbine or in the workshop. It is very easy to use and does not require connecting an additional meter – all parameters are measured by the SkiiPak Tester and displayed on the built-in OLED display.

The 2.5 m long cable is ended with a CN11P plug, which is used as a 24V DC power source in VESTAS turbines. The set includes a 24V power supply with a suitable connector.

The tester allows you to check the operation of IGBT Diodes and Transistors as well as the parameters of the driver built into the SkiiP module.

The tester is delivered in a highly durable, waterproof BoxCase transport case. Outer size: 219 x 183 x 102mm.

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